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Yandex.Money has announced a rebranding. Starting from 15.12.2020, the online payment service will be renamed to YooMoney. The company itself has developed a new logo, which consists of two parts: the English word “money” and the Russian letter “Ю” in the form of an apostrophe and a circle. The circle serves as a symbol for the coin. The shape of the letter “Ю” is also associated with the numbers 1 and 0 – a binary code. Latin letters I and O – Input / Output, a reference to the technological gene of the company.
The main purpose of the payment service remains the same – so that customers can easily and instantly pay for goods or services, and the service is to accept payments online.
YooMoney will develop existing services. Clients will also be able to create e-wallets, open plastic and internet cards.

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28.02.2021, 00:18